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Thank you for visiting the Scarfo Family Page. Email is great, but sending pictures and attachments can sometimes be slow and cumbersome. And, people never seem to find the time to write a letter, or make a phone call, but they will respond to email or check out a web page.

This site is not intended to provide background information about the site's "webmaster" or his family and friends. If you have stumbled across this site and want to introduce yourself or just say hello, please feel free to use the email link or sign the Guest Book below.

Henry also has a Blog.  It serves as a quick overview of the latest site news and photos. Feel free to view it and leave your comments.

Links and Page Updates 

Page links have been updated and new links added.  The Weather Page has several new links and all the sites for Active Tropical Storms and Orlando Radar and Orlando Satellite are current.  If you haven't visited Henry's Favorites Links in a while, all the links there are active and several new and useful websites are listed. Under "Calculators", click on Real Estate Values and Photos and put in your home address.  You can compare your home value with your neighbors.  Under "Search Tools" click on Dogpile Search.  It searches the internet using all the common search engines at one time.  This will greatly expand your success rate.  When you travel by air, get the seat with more leg room.  Under "Travel" click on Flight Seat SelectorSam's  Recipe Links is also updated, so if your hungry, this is a great place to check out.  There is also a link to Henry's Blog and FACEBOOK page. So enjoy, and if you have a favorite link that you would like to add to Henry's Favorites Links, just Email Henry

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The width of each page has been limited so that page contents will fit on most screens. If your monitor has less then a 16 inch viewing area, you may still have to scroll a bit. On each page you will find a "HOME" button. Click on it to return the main Scarfo Family Page. Enjoy the site, the photos, stories, and music. Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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