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Tribute to George H. Hall
April 13, 1914 - August 7, 2005

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Our devoted husband of Fran, and father to Denny, Gene, Henry, and Sue, passed away after a long illness on August 7, 2005.   Here are some reflections that will help you know the man that our family loved very much.

Dad had a way of engaging and developing friendships with everyone he met.  Maybe it was his blue eyes, or that wink meant just for you. Every time he smiled, he would light up the entire room.  Sometimes just a shrug of his shoulders conveyed his thoughts.  He was a brilliant and creative man who had a zest for life and a love for all things good and honorable.  

When I was about 11, George came into my and my mother's lives.  We bonded quickly and he became "my dad."  He was my role model, my friend, and my mentor.  The love and respect that we shared for each other grew and became as strong as his love for his own children.

Dad grew up on a farm near Fargo, North Dakota.  His strong mid-western values made him an easy role model to follow.    He would frequently remind me that a man's bond and reputation is earned every day through honesty, and integrity, and that a strong handshake says "you can trust me!"  If you ever got to shake hands with dad, you definitely knew the strength of his grip!

When he married my mom in 1960, he committed his life to his new family.  We traveled together across country, we went to ball games at Fenway Park, we hunted & golfed together, and we ate dinner together most every night as a family. 

Dad was very committed to God and the Lutheran church. Before every meal, he gave the blessing.  These were always off the cuff thoughts that reflected his thanks to God for bringing family and friends together in the sharing of God's bounty.  Sometimes his reflections were longer than a Sunday sermon!  At one family Thanksgiving while the food was cooling during his extended "thanks", several of us in unison emitted an artificial "snore" and then helped him along with a loud "Amen!"  From then on, we just had to "snicker" a bit and he would raise his bushy eye brows, smile and finish up quickly.

In his professional life, dad was a scientist and electrical engineer.  His mind never stopped thinking and "inventing."  Anything mathematical fascinated him.  Long after the electronic calculator was everywhere, dad still had his trusty slide rule in his pocket.  Once my wife, "Sam", asked him how big an air conditioner we needed for our bedroom.  Two hours later, and with 3 full handwritten pages of formulas, air flow diagrams, and a floor plan, he answered that a 5000 BTU unit would do.

The "Official Obituary" reviews dad's many contributions as an inventor including working with Robert Oppenheimer in the development of the Atomic Bomb.  Here are some other things he helped develop that you might find of interest:

  • The fluted paper salt and pepper package

  • An automated process for inserting ladies nylons into packages

  • An early version of an electronically controlled irrigation system

  • Following his own very invasive knee surgery, he consulted on the arthroscopic surgery technique

When asked what drives him to invent things, he would answer, "for the benefit of mankind."  When asked what in his opinion is the greatest invention of all time, he would answer: "electricity, just think what life would be like without it!"  

So here's to you dad!  You will always be remembered for the way you made us laugh, for your caring and compassionate ways, and for your gentle touch, yet your had strong and creative hands.  We will always love you for your devotion to your family and your Country.  Your spirit is with us everyday and it will remain with us until we are once again reunited in heaven.

With our Love,

Fran, Gene, Henry, and Sue 


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George H. Hall

April 13 1914 to August 7, 2005

George H. Hall, 91, of Heathrow , Florida , and formerly of Westford , Massachusetts , died August 7, 2005, after a long illness.   

Born April 13, 1914, and raised in North Dakota, he is survived by his loving wife of 45 years, Frances J. Hall; son and daughter-in-law, Eugene and Jean Hall of Sherwood, Oregon; daughter and son-in-law Sue and Robert Kraus of Wilmington, North Carolina; Step-son and wife Henry and Adrienne Scarfo of Lake Mary, FL; sister Bessie Basterash of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 11 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents Charles and Anna Hall; two brothers, Harold and Clarence; a son, George D.; and a daughter Joyce.  

Hall, an electrical engineer/senior scientist and Registered Professional Engineer, is credited with over 50 patents including the Hall cryogenic temperature transducer, Hall Diamond Wire for cutting dimensioned stone, and a Braille bowling system for the blind. A graduate of Stanford University , he worked at the University of California Radiation Laboratory where he contributed to the development of the atomic bomb, and following WW II, he received a commendation from the Secretary of War.   He was employed for 18 years at Arthur D. Little, a research and development company in Cambridge , Massachusetts. He was a communicant of Holy Cross Lutheran Church of Lake Mary, FL.  

Contributions may be made "In Memory" of George H. Hall C/O Alzheimer's Association at 988 Woodcock Rd., Suite 200, Orlando, FL 32803-3715.

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