George Hall Memories & Reflections

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Over the last couple of years... I always found your dad to be one of my favorites to visit.  My own fond moments of your father was that I always would take his hand and ask him if would be my date for that evening to go dancing.  It was only a couple of weeks ago that they had him sitting in the dining area watching the big screen TV.  He was wearing a cowboy hat, and I asked to wear it and sported it while once again asking for a dance.  His huge smile would emerge, making my day.  I hope me and "the boys" visits with him made his days a  little nicer.  Your father will always hold a special place in the many hearts he touched.  As I come to say my final words  to your father, I do hope he holds that dance for me!   

Kathy Worcester (Pet Therapy)

Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your father.  In addition to having a profound influence on your life, Mr. Hall's contributions are appreciated by many of us whose fathers and grand fathers came home  safely from WW II.

Lori Zahn (AAA)

I'll always remember how Grandpa called me "honey".  I loved how he looked in his little red beanie hat.  Someday, I will hve one just to remind me of him.  Vicki and I still have the Hanzel and Gretel dolls you both gave us many years ago.  Grandmas, I care for you deeply and think of you often.

Sherrie, Dennis & Family

We remember George as a wonderful gentle man and gentleman, always with a warm smile of friendship. We admire you for your devotion and send our love and prayers.

Trudie & Ken Abbott

I remember on Henry & Adrienne's wedding day, George having such a grand time.  He was passing the huge goblet of beer, smacked his lips, and took a mighty gulp and smiled a huge smile.  It makes me smile just to remember it.

Beth Ann Rossi


We hold you in our hearts and prayers for strength and the Lord's special comfort. George always loved people and showed it the way he lived. God bless you . My mother, Amelia Moritz says: George and I enjoyed your friendship very much over the years. She is saddened to hear of your sorrow and sends her sympathy.

Carolyn and Bruce Lawson


It is great comfort to know George's assurance of his eternal salvation through Christ Jesus our Lord. May His promise and blessing of hope uplift you .

Of course, remembering the good times and the funny stories always brings new smiles.

Richard & Deborah Mullen


John and I are thinking of you and praying for you and George. Your journey has been a long one, but may you find peace at this difficult time. We love you. Linda

Linda Berlinghoff

Although I have only known both you and George for a short time, our memories will last a lifetime.  I hope our friendship can continue even though we will not have our daily visits. Please feel free to come and visit my mother, Vera Miles, any time. Remember that George and you will be in my prayers daily. Keep in touch!!  I will always think of George when I make my banana pudding.

Tina Miller


Dottie and I extend our deepest sympathy to you and your family. We always enjoyed George's sense of humor, as did our younger boys. May you find comfort in knowing he is with our Lord.

Dick & Dottie Sparks

It was a blessing to know him as part of our church family in Bedford.
May you find peace and the solace of Christ in the coming weeks.

Lori and Jim Eggert

My deepest sympathy to you and your family. My memories of George are all sweet--he had such a twinkle in his eyes.
Much love
                      Betty & Bud Hoyt

To my Family and Friends 

I thank you so much for your support, kind words and prayers.  My sweet George is now free of pain and at last at peace.  I miss him and will not know what to do with all my time now.   My son has urged me to turn the page and go on with my life and you all know I do as I am told!  In time I will do just that but right now I think of the tribute to George from my family and friends everywhere.  I thank you for your support, for the travel you made to be with me, and for your outpouring of love for George and me.  I am humbled and I thank God for the years He gave me with George and for the wonderful life we led together. 

Fran Hall


I Send my love and deepest  sympathy.  Loved his sense of humor. I remember George from the Lutheran Church of the Savior. Always remember the energy and that endless smile. Fran and George - both lovely people and a wonderful couple.

Carol Stewart

Dad: Every time we reunited for a visit, you would always say "How are you doing, Son?"  I'd reply with "Fine Dad, how about you?"  With a twinkle in your eye you'd then say, "I'm finer than frog fuzz"! I'll hold on to that frog for you until we reunite again.  And save  some of that "Heavenly Hash" ice cream for me!  Until then, know that my love for you remains.

Henry Scarfo

Grandpa was always happy and laughing and so wonderful to me.  I remember when you both came over.  It was the best time ever, with you and Grandpa holding the twins.
Vicki Bieker
My Childhood memories are filled with visits to your home,  your wonderful cooking, Uncle George's tractor rides, ping  pong in the basement, badmitten in the back yard, and much more.  When I think of you and Uncle George, that is what I remember.  I miss you and love you.

Peter, Lisa, Chris & Nick

I'll always remember George's joke when Fran and I were counting money at church.  He always told us that when he was doing that job, he would throw the money up in the air and whatever stayed up belonged to God and the rest was his.
We hope you find peace and comfort from the warm thoughts you receive from your friends at LCS.

Bill & Karen Clements

From the moment I met him (with his leather jacket and the ensuing conversation) I knew that he was a man of men.  A witty personality with a great sense of humor equally comfortable making fun of himself as well as others.  I admire George for his knowledge and wisdom in the circumstances that brought him to serve our country so well. 

Everett Warzecha


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