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Sierra Goes to Rainbow Bridge

It is with great sadness that we advise of Sierra's passing to the Rainbow Bridge on March 8, 2017. There was no warning that she was ill.  She became sick on March 7th after her usual walk and died the next day at our home with VET Hospice assisting. At 15 years, four months, Sierra was full of energy and loyalty until her last.  As a certified pet therapy dog, she continued to work and enjoy her visits even as her hearing started to fail. 

Our home is empty now except for the wonderful memories of the joy Sierra brought to us and all who encountered her.  She was a special dog, a neighborhood ambassador with only enemies the squirrels!

Below is a story written about 7 years ago that tells a little more about this special dog. We are so happy to have given her a forever home and that we were with her when she crossed to the "bridge". If you have never read the story of the Rainbow Bridge, CLICK HERE.

It's all about me!

Hi, my name is Sierra!  I'm an English Setter - a field bred Black Belting English Setter to be exact.  My ancestors were bred to hunt by flushing out birds.  Like my ancestors, I have a short fur coat to not attract burrs, and a long tail that wags high in the air so hunters can always see me in the bush. I still like to flush out birds and chase squirrels, but I don't go on hunts. I'm a house dog that loves to play outdoors with Frisbees and tennis balls and you would be amazed at all the tricks I can do.  I'm very athletic and full of energy, but I'm also very lovable.  I really like to cuddle in your lap.  As you can tell, I'm very modest too!

I allow Henry and Sam to live with me.  It's a sweet deal - they pay all the bills, provide great food and treats, wash and care for me, and I live happily in their home!  Seriously, I really love them, especially "my Henry".  We are "soul mates" and go everywhere together.

Over eight years ago, Sam and Henry rescued me, gave me a great home, and I'm a healthy and happy girl today.  You can read more about my adoption and that of my sister Sugar by clicking on PET FINDER.  Unfortunately, Sugar went to the "Rainbow Bridge" in mid-September.  I really miss her.  We weren't "blood sisters", but she was an English Setter adopted like me.  She looked after me and let me play with her toys and sleep next to her.  Check out SUGAR'S MEMORIAL PAGE for her story and lots of photos.  She was one very special canine and friend to me.

Now as you can probably tell, I'm not too bashful and over the years, Henry has taken lots of photos of me.  I've put together 20 shots that I particularly like.  You can view them by clicking on SIERRA'S FAVORITE PHOTOS

I also invite you to drop by my webpage from time to time.  Henry will post updates that you might find of interest.  Before I close, there is one more really important thing.  If I were never rescued, this happy story would not be told.  If you are thinking of getting a dog or second one, be sure to consider a rescue.  Learn how by reading the next story!  Lots of "licks".


Make a Difference - Adopt a Pet

The "All Setter Rescue" Organization works tirelessly to assure that any abandoned Setter, English, Irish, or Gordon, is well cared for and placed with the right family.  If your thinking about getting a pet, consider adopting one.  Click on PET FINDER to learn more about how Sugar & Sierra came to Sam and Henry.  There is also an always up to date list with photos of Setters available for adoption.  It doesn't matter where you live.  There is a rescue organization near you with pets just waiting for the right family. 

Click on the "Gallery Links" below to view a full selection of photos. Each link describes the event portrayed.

  Sierra's Favorite Photos - November 2011

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