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Make a Difference - Adopt a Setter or Another Pet

I'm one of the luckiest girls around! As you may know, when I was a little puppy, I was an unwanted and unloved product of a puppy mill gone bad. The owners didn't like me because I had a crooked tail and they didn't feel I would be marketable as a pure bred English Setter. Little did they know! So they just dumped me on the streets of Seminole County where I roamed for weeks scavenging for food. I was scared and didn't trust any human. Eventually I tired from hunger, and I was also very sick from drinking bad water at the puppy mill and what I could find on the streets. The County dog catcher finally caught me. I was at the pound for a while. On the day I was to be "put down" the Setter adoption network was contacted and I was saved. A very nice lady, Debbie who rescues dogs like me in the area, took me in, gave me medical care. She had me checked over by Dr. Brian, and then she contacted Sam and Henry who were looking for a pet for their family. They adopted me and gave me the love and care that I should have received when I was born. Now I'm a big girl, I have my CGC and I'm a Certified Pet Therapy Dog that visits nursing homes and hospitals. I love my family and even my little adopted sister, Sierra. She too is an English Setter rescue that Sam and Henry adopted.

My story is a little different. As a puppy, I was purchased from a very nice breeder by a young married couple. The wife was about to have a baby and the dad thought I'd make a perfect companion for the Mom and the baby. Well, when the baby came along, it was just too much for the mom to handle both a baby and a very energetic puppy. And even though I never would have hurt their child, they were afraid that I would jump up and scratch or bite the baby. So one evening around midnight, the mom packed me up in a box with a fresh towel, some food and note and dropped me off at the same place where they took Sugar when the dog catcher got her. Like Sugar, the nice Setter Rescue people were called and I only had to spend one night in jail. Sam was called by Debbie again, but this time only to foster me until a suitable home was found. Well, as soon as I got into Sam and Henry's home, it was love at first sight. That's because I'm just so darn cute! Sam didn't want a second English, but Henry and Sam's Mom wanted to keep me. I'm so glad because I have a wonderful home and Sugar is my "adopted" big sister. We play together when I'm not cuddled on the couch with "My Henry."

We're telling you these stories because you too can bring love and happiness to a dog who needs to be adopted. Sometimes things happen and people can no longer take care of their pet. There is nothing wrong with us, we just need another home with nice people who will care for us. And you know what, we will give back more love and companionship then you can ever imagine. If you are thinking about getting a pet for your family, here's a current list of Setters that are available for adoption right now! If English, Irish or Gordon Setters are not for you, although we can't imagine why because we are the best breeds of all!, there is also a link to all other breeds. You can select by pet type, breed, and size.

You can't imagine how happy we are with Sam and Henry. Click SUGAR & SIERRA to see our photos. If now is the right time for you to consider adopting a pet, take a look a some of these deserving Setters that just need a nice home like the one we have!

Sugar & Sierra


Pet Finder Website

To find an adoptable pet near you, click on the link below, fill in the desired attributes and "Find Pets". The page is defaulted to English Setters in Central Florida, but you can easily change those parameters.


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